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10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 1400/-(17.5$) = 70,000/- (875$)

10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 1800/- = 90,000/- (1125$)

10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 2000/- = 1,00,000/- (1250$)

10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 2500/- = 1,25,000/- (1563$)

We are one of the largest company who has more & more experience
in terracotta

Chinese sculpture made great use of terracotta,
with and without glazing and colour, from a
very early date. The famous Terracotta Army of
Emperor Qin Shi Huang, 209–210 BC, was somewhat
untypical, and two thousand years ago reliefs were
more common, in tombs and elswhere. Later Buddhist
figures were often made in painted and glazed terracotta,
with the Yixian glazed pottery luohans, probably of 1150–1250,
now in various Western museums, among the finest examples.[14]
Brick-built tombs from the Han dynasty were often finished on the
interior wall with bricks decorated on one face; the techniques
included molded reliefs. Later tombs contained many figures of
protective spirits and animals and servants for the afterlife,
including the famous horses of the T’ang dynasty; as an arbitrary
matter of terminology these tend not to be referred to as
Rate (1200/-, 2000/- 3000/- to 4000/- rate per square feet) (minimum Quantity- 50  square feet)
* Only for corporate & Export sell
* Order start from 75,000/-



Are you thinking of doing your home or office interior, but do not add yoga to an interior office. Because you think there will be a lot of cost to the interior. We know that there are many interior organizations in our country who just think about their profits and take away their customers’ throat. That is why we are afraid to do interior.

We work at any type of interior with your home or office, showroom room at very low cost. We have a well experienced interior designer team, everybody who has finished their studies on the interior of the country and abroad.

Our Services:

House interior

Office interior

Parlor interior

Show-room interior

School interior

Coaching Interior

Hospital Interior


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