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৳ 150,000.00

We work in Bangladesh biman for Terracotta

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10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 1400/-(17.5$) = 70,000/- (875$)

10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 1800/- = 90,000/- (1125$)

10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 2000/- = 1,00,000/- (1250$)

10 feet x 5 feet = 50 square feet x 2500/- = 1,25,000/- (1563$)

Bangladesh sculpture made heavy use of terracotta from as
early as the Indus Valley Civilization (with stone and
metal sculpture being rather rare), and in more sophisticated
areas had largely abandoned modeling for using molds by the
1st century BC. This allows relatively large figures,
nearly up to life-size, to be made, especially in the
Gupta period and the centuries immediately following it.
Several vigorous local popular traditions of terracotta
folk sculpture remain active today, such as the Bankura

Precolonial West African sculpture also made extensive
use of terracotta.[12] The regions most recognized for
producing terracotta art in that part of the world include
the Nok culture of central and north-central Nigeria, the
Ife/Benin cultural axis in western and southern Nigeria
(also noted for its exceptionally naturalistic sculpture)
, and the Igbo culture area of eastern Nigeria, which
excelled in terracotta pottery. These related, but separate,
traditions also gave birth to elaborate schools of bronze
and brass sculpture in the area.[13]
Rate (1200/-, 2000/- 3000/- to 4000/- rate per square feet) (minimum Quantity- 300 to 1,00,000 square feet)
* Only for corporate & Export sell
* Order start from 75,000/-



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