dental waiting room

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I came across this lovely Editorial from the Post Star in Glens Falls New York on Thanksgiving, which I think captures the feelings people have in THE WaitingRoom.

It also brings home what we need to remind ourselves of what we have to be thankful for, even if it is not Thanksgiving. Everyday, during hard times, good times…all the time we need to remind ourselves and each other that there is a lot we have. The editorial provided a great exercise to do around the dinner table. They specifically focused on Thanksgiving, but I think it may be a good habit even if it is occasionally. Go around the dinner table, take 10mins (or whatever time you think appropriate) and have each person express what they are thankful for. You can even do this exercise by yourself, while your waiting in the waiting room, sitting in traffic, any activity where you have time on your mind….it can be hard in these difficult world times, yet…there is something you must be thankful for. No?
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