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৳ 550,000.00

Every product price depend on quality, May be those price are high or low behind your budget don’t worry we give you best support best price For best export price or corporate price

Rate (1200/-, 2000/- 3000/- to 4000/- rate per square feet) (minimum Quantity- 1 Pieces )

Local (MS steel for building ruff gardening) 1,00,000/- to 1,80,000/- (depend on quality Total Package 1250$ to 2250$)

Indoor spiral stair (MS steel & wood Segun/ Gamari/ Barmatic)
Quality: Standard= 2,00,000/- (Total Package 2500$)
Quality: Modern= 2,60,000/- (Total Package 3250$)
Quality: Modern= 3,00,000/- (Total Package 3750$)

Quality: Luxury= 3,80,000/- (Total Package 4750$)
Quality: Imported material = 4,60,000/- (Total Package 5750$)

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Our Services
# Office Interior
# Flat Interior
# Showroom Interior
# Restaurant Interior
# 3d
# Plan
► All Kinds of Office/Home Furniture
► Low/Full Height Board Partition
► Low/Full Height Wooden Partition
► All kinds of Aluminum Sliding & Fixed Partition
► 10mm Fixed Glass Partition
► Tampered Glass Supply & Installation
► All Kinds Of Design Glass Supply & Installation
► Spider Glass Partition.
► caeinterior.com dedicated itself in upgrading knowledge and skill of our people. Keeping in view we are fully committed to improve the quality of our services. For more quality we run as follows:

We do ——————-
=> Exclusive 3d modeling and design consultancy
=> Flat interior design
=> Best kitchen solution
=> Restaurant and café interior design
=> Hospital interior design
=> Showroom interior design
=> super shop interior design
=> Office solution
=> All kinds of renovation Work
=> Ceiling design
=> Wooden floor
=> paint work
=> Polish and laker
=> Glass Work
=> Tiles work
=> Exterior Design
=> Exterior Renovation
=> Roof top Garden Design and Implementation

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