Bedroom wardrobe and loft

by Interior

We can design your wardrobes, bookcases or any other custom made fitted furniture to your bespoke specifications. We are wordrobes experts and and know a lot hot to maximize your space. We can advise you the best option for you based on your clothes and space size and we can recomend you some style option to match your house, for example if you have a Victorian house with nice cornice, picture rail and scirting then you probably like ‘shaker’ wardrobe with paneled doors and cornice.
We cover almost all London area within M25 and will visit you at your home or office.
If you require any more information on our wardrobes please contact us.

company name : commitment Architect
call: 01611400040



Greetings from Commitment!
It is our great pleasure to inform you that
“Commitment” – a renowned Interior & event management firm has been perform since 2010 in Dhaka with world class service regarding all kinds of Interior & Events. We provide the best service to our honorable client’s, not only all over the country but also in abroad by professionals with old hand team.
You will be pleased to know that we are offering the best, innovative & modern concept to perform at your service. We can assist you, not just an organizational level but also on a strategic level. By creating the concept design and content of your event under one roof. We ensure continuity, consistency and integrity throughout every element.
Our designers work closely with our clients to provide the desire flavor or test. Then they create a defined structure which takes the gusto on a journey from the time they arrived and ensure you left with the real message.
We supply total Interior & Event management down to the last detail. Commitment has a long reputation for managing large scale of logistics.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any kinds of inquiry, we will fulfill your individual needs as per your taste.
Hope to serve you the best possible sophisticated services.


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