Book Fair Exhibition

by Interior

৳ 140,000.00

We have More Catalogue and 3D Design for help to choose your right option fixed up with budget.

Fair stall ( 950/-, 1500/-, 2000/-, 2500/-, 3000/-, 3500/- rate  per Square feet )

(minimum Quantity- 64 to 1,00,000 Square feet )
* Only for Commercial & Corporate
* Minimum Order start from 1,00,000/-
8’x8’= 64 sft. x 950/- = 60,800/- (Minimum budget to 1,30,000/-)
8’x16′ = 128 sft. x 950/- = 1,21,600/- ( Minimum budget to 2 lac)
20’x42′ = 840 sft. x 450/- = 4,62,000/- ( Minimum budget to 8 lac)
20’x80′ = 1600 sft. x 350/- = 5,60,000/- ( Minimum budget to 10 lac)

Should there ever be a heaven for book lovers, it might be a book fair of sorts. One gigantic hall with dozens upon dozens of stands displaying beautiful books, books that you have never heard of, and books that you’ve been looking for a long while. Add into the mix authors talking about writing and their books; publishers talking about their work; translators talking about language and the feeling that what you are about to do seems impossible – and then overcoming it.

Modular stalls :

We provide designer Modular exhibition stalls which are entirely flexible. These are very cost effective solutions, which could be fit into containers, transported and assembled with great ease. They could be integrated with graphics or materials such as mesh or acrylic to give a spectacular effect.

Display Systems :

In Display Systems we have a variety of pop up stands to offer like Magnetic pop up stands, Fabric pop up stands and Printed Fabric Graphic pop up stands.

Banner Systems :

We can provide you a variety of banner systems such as the Twist Banner stand, Roller Banner Stands, Animated Banner/Graphic, Apart from the above we can provide Conference kits, Literature Dispensers, Light weight Gantry Systems, Modular Display Systems, Portable Folding Panel kits, Display Table Furniture, Display Accessories, Display Graphics.

Rentals :

We offer a complete turn key service program to support stall rental needs. It includes everything from exhibit poster work, transportation, labor, storage, maintenance, repairs, refurbishment and disposal, platform& furniture on hire save your time, money and stress.

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