Exhibition Stall Fabrication Gallery

by Interior

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A general question is how to make your Shell Scheme attractive to your client?. For a Shell Scheme there are multiple solution to make your Stall attractive

1.Magnetic popup Setup for Shell Scheme

2.Flex Framing for Shell Scheme
A Raw space is where the creativity comes into picture and participants gets full freedom to put their brand identity focused at their customers in a unique manner as per their requirements considering branding requirements, cost limitations, space allocation etc.

Fabricated stalls are primely used to create the projected image of the participants in a highly defined manner. Our approach is key, We want to make your life simple. Therefore we carry out all of the organisation & planning, you don’t have to. Whatever your needs, Tejaswi will provide you with the complete turnkey exhibition design solution to your exhibition stand requirements. Tejaswi focus all of their energy into delivering a quality exhibition stand design and exhibition stand build service. We will ensure your trade stand is built on time & will deliver the exhibition stand to a pre-agreed budget. Using innovative technology and project management expertise, Tejaswi focus on delivering unique & creative exhibition design solutions
Otobi Model (al-tech)low height partition, Under
fabrics play board, one fabrics 260/
two fabrics mntd./
two fabrics one glass 260/
NV-20 two fabrics (foreign)430/
NV-20 two fabrics (foreign)540/
Kai model (local)height office partition ,under fabrics
play board ,one fabrics 280/
two fabrics 290/
two fabrics one glass 300/
Aluminum partition 380/

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