Jewelry Exhibition Design

by Interior

৳ 145,000.00

We have More Catalogue and 3D Design for help to choose your right option fixed up with budget.
Fair stall ( 950/-, 1500/-, 2000/-, 2500/-, 3000/-, 3500/- rate  per Square feet )
(minimum Quantity- 64 to 1,00,000 Square feet )
* Only for Commercial & Corporate
* Minimum Order start from 1,00,000/-
8’x8’= 64 sft. x 950/- = 60,800/- (Minimum budget to 1,30,000/-)
8’x16′ = 128 sft. x 950/- = 1,21,600/- ( Minimum budget to 2 lac)
20’x42′ = 840 sft. x 450/- = 4,62,000/- ( Minimum budget to 8 lac)
20’x80′ = 1600 sft. x 350/- = 5,60,000/- ( Minimum budget to 10 lac)
We take our artwork seriously and have branched into Interior Designing services also.
 Our aim is to make the world around us as effective and captivating as possible.
Our designers will turn small spaces into beautifully designed and utility based enclosures.
Exhibition Stall Design
We can make a small exhibition stall space into a power packed display area.
People walking by will be attracted to your stall thanks to the ingenuity of
our designers.  We can decorate the stall with posters specially designed for
the occasion.  We can even make it theme based.
Free service:  (chat any time)
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+880188 11 43 453

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The “Commitment Architect” now means the changing world face !
These days, home ownership can also include a home office as well.
Interior & Exterior Designs, Inc., can design a beautiful and
functional work space to meet your needs.

Our services:-

Kitchen room 5000/-
Kitchen Hot & cool 8,000/-
Ceiling wearing 10,000/-
Motor line fitting 8,000/-
RCC line with dressing 200/- feet
Ceiling tank pipe fitting 5,000/-
Down label water tank fitting 10,000/-
interior Design 2D & 3D Work. (20/- to 100/-)
Glass Door: Starts from 14,500 Tk
Glass Door : 17,000/- to 25,000/-
Glass Work 10 mm Nasir Glass: 260 Tk/SFT
Glass Work 10 mm Chaina Glass: 270 Tk/SFT
Wall Cabinet Starts from 650/SFT
Wall Cabinet with Melamine Board – 850Tk /SFT
Wall Cabinet with Ply Wood (Gorjon) – 950 Tk /SFT
Wall Cabinet with Ply Wood (Barma Teak) – 1050 Tk /SFT
Electric & Lighting: 200/- to 350/- (per sft. minimum 100sft.)
Wall painting: milk white 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 22/- to 110/-
Wall paper pasting: 20/- to 35/-
Thai work: with Materials 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 200/- to 400/-, 450/-,550/-,


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