Acrylic Card Holder

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Acrylic Name Card Holder is a beautiful ornament to organize cards for you.
Acrylic Name Card Holder is simple, classic and elegant, it can be used as a
corporate gifts to your clients too. It will make your card tidy and make your
client to take a name card from our acrylic name card holder.
Rate (115/-, 130/- 150/- to 200/- rate per Pices) (minimum Quantity- 300 to 1,00,000 Pices)

100 pcs x 160/- (Each + logo Print Top & side) = 16,000/- (per pieces 1.25$ to 2.45$)
500 pcs x 130/- (Each + logo Print Top & side) = 65,000/- (per pieces 1.25$ to 2.45$)
1,000 pcs x 120/- (Each + logo Print Top & side) = 1,20,000/- (per pieces 1.25$ to 2.45$)

5,000 pcs x 115/- (Each + logo Print Top & side) = 5,75,000/- (per pieces 1.25$ to 2.45$)
10,000 pcs x 100/- (Each + logo Print Top & side) = 10,00,000/- (per pieces 1.25$ to 2.45$)

1,00,000 pcs x 98/- (Each + logo Print Top & side) = 98,00,000/- (per pieces 1.25$ to 2.45$)

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* Only for corporate & Export sell
* Order start Budget from 20,000/- (minimum 200$)



  • Clear design offers a complete view of the cards
  • Single pocket takes up little space on a desk top
  • Acrylic construction is durable yet relatively inexpensive

Business Card Holder with Clear Acrylic Design

Are you shopping for a business card holder for women or men that has a basic design? This desk top display is a quality fixture that is perfect for anyone shopping with a limited budget. This business card holder is made of clear acrylic and can display a large number of cards. The clear acrylic design is minimal and matches any decor to emphasize any corporate card. This desk top case, business card holder is often seen in office spaces, but can also be used at trade shows and conventions. Each case is designed to hold a large number of cards. Place this business card holder on a desk to offer clients pertinent contact information for future reference. Another optional use for this case is as a gift card display.

This business card holder for women or men is one of the best selling displays offered on this site year after year. The affordable price and quality design appeal to a wide range of shoppers. This business card holder is popular among medical offices. Appointment reminders are kept neat and close-at-hand in this acrylic case. Each business card holder, also known as a desk display, features a 1/2″ depth which requires less frequent refills. This basic design and sizable pocket size make this case suitable for most any type of setting. This business card holder is commonly found in such places as; hair salons, travel agencies, real estate offices and many other commercial locations.


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