Decoration Interior Bedroom

by Interior

৳ 1,500.00 ৳ 1,200.00



Bedroom Interior Decoration will always be required in each room to decorate, fillers and also meet all the needs of the room. Bedroom into a place that is most convenient for us to enjoy a break, enjoy solitude and also do a lot of things. The bedroom also requires a good arrangement so that the Work Station Starts from 250 Tk/SFT

Electric & Lighting: 200/- to 350/- (per Point minimum)
Barnis without Elements(Normal):25/- to 35/-(per sft.)
Wall painting: milk white 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 13/- to 110/-

Gypsum work: With Gypsum Board False ceiling 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 50/- to 65/-
Gypsum Decorative work 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 200/- to 400/-

Tiles Fitting: 1 (minimum 100 sft.) Sft. 16/- to 35/-
Marble work: morling, fitting Sft. 200/- to 280/-

Thai work: with Materials 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 200/- to 400/-, 450/-,550/-,
Glass Door: Starts from 14,500 Tk
Glass Door : 17,000/- to 25,000/-
Glass Work 10 mm Nasir Glass: 260 Tk/SFT
Glass Work 10 mm Chaina Glass: 270 Tk/SFT

Ss work Sft. 600/- / 1000/- / 1500/- / 2000/-

Vertical Blind 80/- to 150/-

Wall paper pasting: 20/- to 35/-

All price given from face measurement
with 18mm melamine board 900 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Gorjon Viniyered board 850 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Gorjon Plywood 950 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Barma Teak Plywood 1200 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Crown Teak Plywood 1200 Tk/SFT

Company name : Commitment Architect
Cell: 01611400040


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