Interior Bedroom Decoration with Mismatched Combin

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Bedroom Interior Decoration will always be required in each room to decorate, fillers and also meet all the needs of the room. Bedroom into a place that is most convenient for us to enjoy a break, enjoy solitude and also do a lot of things. The bedroom also requires a good arrangement so that the beauty, comfort and also has a character in accordance with the occupants of the room. In its decoration that need is to determine the theme of the room so they can continue with other decorations such as the selection of colors, furniture, accessories and lighting. Interior Bedroom Decoration for color can choose the elements of nature such as white, gray or cream on the wall that will be combined with matching color or with a slightly darker color to the type of tile or wood floors. On the walls can be combined with the decor wallpaper of paper materials, wood or also in the form of painting directly on the wall, unique decoration unique decoration which is located on the wall can also be applied as well as decorating picture

All price given from face measurement
with 18mm melamine board 800 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Gorjon Viniyered board 850 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Gorjon Plywood 950 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Barma Teak Plywood 1100 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Crown Teak Plywood 1100

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