Dining room decoration CAE

by Interior

৳ 2,000.00

Board work : 70/- to 90/- (per sft.)
Board work with gorjon wood (false celling) 90/- (per sft.)
Electric & Lighting: 200/- to 350/- (per Point minimum)
Polish Work – Natural Polish 50Tk/SFT
Leker Polish 220 Tk/SFT
Natural Polish 220 Tk/SFT (by Machine)
Lacker Polish 220/- sft.
Barnis without Elements(Normal):25/- to 35/-(per sft.)
Wall painting: milk white 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 13/- to 110/-
Gypsum work: With Gypsum Board False ceiling 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 60/- to 85/-
Gypsum Decorative work 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 200/- to 400/-
Tiles Fitting: 1 (minimum 100 sft.) Sft. 20/- to 45/-
Marble work: morling, fitting Sft. 200/- to 280/-
Thai work: with Materials 1 (minimum 100sft.) Sft. 200/- to 400/-, 450/-,550/-,
Glass Door: Starts from 14,500 Tk
Glass Door : 17,000/- to 25,000/-
Glass Work 10 mm Nasir Glass: 260 Tk/SFT
Glass Work 10 mm Chaina Glass: 270 Tk/SFT
Ss work Sft. 600/- / 1000/- / 1500/- / 2000/-
Vertical Blind 80/- to 150/-
Wall paper pasting: 20/- to 35/-
All price given from face measurement
with 18mm melamine board 800 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Gorjon Viniyered board 850 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Gorjon Plywood 950 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Barma Teak Plywood 1100 Tk/SFT
with 18mm Crown Teak Plywood 1100 Tk/SFT
*False ceiling : Gypsum/Mineral Board/PVC/Partex : 160/170/250/450 Tk
Wall Cabinet Starts from 650/SFT
Wall Cabinet with Melamine Board – 850Tk /SFT
Wall Cabinet with Ply Wood (Gorjon) – 950 Tk /SFT
Wall Cabinet with Ply Wood (Barma Teak) – 1050 Tk /SFT
Need to pay extra for wooden work.

company name : Commitment Architect
E-mail: Commitmentarc@gmail.com
call: 01611400040



Greetings from Commitment!
It is our great pleasure to inform you that
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You will be pleased to know that we are offering the best, innovative & modern concept to perform at your service. We can assist you, not just an organizational level but also on a strategic level. By creating the concept design and content of your event under one roof. We ensure continuity, consistency and integrity throughout every element.
Our designers work closely with our clients to provide the desire flavor or test. Then they create a defined structure which takes the gusto on a journey from the time they arrived and ensure you left with the real message.
We supply total Interior & Event management down to the last detail. Commitment has a long reputation for managing large scale of logistics.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any kinds of inquiry, we will fulfill your individual needs as per your taste.
Hope to serve you the best possible sophisticated services.


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